[Enterasys] How to configure Syslog server

While I was testing Splunk, I need to add more devices to Splunk index pages. This example shows how to configure Enterasys Switch to forward syslog message to the server. It's simple and easy to setup. 


In this example, server's IP is and UDP port 514 is used. Severity level is 8.




Enterasys(su)>set logging server 1 ip-addr port 514 severity 8 state enable


To verify


Enterasys(su)>show logging server
     IP Address    Facility   Severity      Description  Port  Status
1    local4    debugging(8)     default     514   enable




If you want to change default value to facility local 5 and severity 5, configure below.


Enterasys(su)>set logging default facility local 5 severity 5




To see currently logging severity levels for all applications on your devices, type below commands


Enterasys(su)>show logging application all

        Application   Current Severity Level
 89      CLIWEB                   6
 90      SNMP                     6
 91      STP                      6
 92      Driver                   6
 93      System                   6
 94      Stacking                 6
 112     UPN                      6
 118     Router                   6

1(emergencies)  2(alerts)       3(critical)
4(errors)       5(warnings)     6(notifications)
7(information)  8(debugging)


Fonte: http://cisconet.com/vendor/enterasys/412-enterasys-how-to-configure-syslog-server.html